Portable milk warmer for infants by Dipti Khosla

The proposed product comprises of a canister and an infant feeding bottle. The canister is a battery powered unit that can be recharged.  The canister and UV sterilize the nipple & warm the milk in the bottle. Since, the device is battery powered, it is portable and can be operated indoors as well as outdoors.


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Packaging tape dispenser by Varun Gajjar

The Project was to design a simple tape dispenser for the packaging tape which can be useful for all types of packing task. the material of the final product is ABS. The design is registered by IPR Cell NID. Design Registered no. 232343.

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Laptop cooling pad by Anand Kareliya

It is laptop cooling pad for youngsters who want to work continuously on their stylish laptop for hours without overheating. The product is stylish yet highly ergonomic. It can be used in different postures. The structure is slim & light weight that can be carried everywhere. Two cooling fans are provided for noise free efficient cooling. Apart from cooling, it also gives palm support & leg cushioning. It is powered by detachable USB port with integrated USB hub & LED indication.

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Helicopter rescue harness by Daniel Sunden

Daniel Sunden, Visiting exchange student from Glasgow School of Art, has designed a simple yet effective helicopter rescue harness system for emergencies.


Rejoice by Vikas Johiya

“Rejoice” is like jigsaw puzzle with slate on one face to write on with chalk and when turned, it makes a seat. Rejoice is designed to encourage creativity and storytelling in children. Each child can write and draw on the slate and when the pieces are fitted together numerous stories can be built around it, making it a tool for faster learning as children are not just sitting and memorising but playing and learning at the same time. At the same time children are being dependent on any technological device which hampers the overall growth of a child.  Different formats for drawing is to develop their ability to think and handle different situations logically.

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Folding helmet by Shailee Advani

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Ferrari Concept by Kishen Patel, Aniket Halder and Emil J Alex.

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